Eva Geatti Bologna, Italy

La Vaga Grazia

Bologna, Italy

“La Vaga Grazia” is inspired by René Daumal’s “Mount Analogue”, which is said to be the only novel in the world to end with a comma. The story narrates a journey and is interrupted just as the mountaineers catch a glimpse of the first base camp, having just embarked on the actual spiritual journey. We do not know how their quest ends and for each of them it will be a unique, irreducible, entirely intimate movement. The poet decides to take a leap towards the search for the self and the infinitesimal, an attempt to change something radically, the desire to take a geographical route inwards. Eva Geatti began working on this project in April 2021 with five young actors: on stage, a live concert of synthesisers played by Dario Moroldo guides them on an exploration that takes place in the world but which actually makes us sink into ourselves, a totalising, calm and passionate quest; an initiatory and complicated journey towards the authenticity of being. “La Vaga Grazia” seeks an answer to a question that we do not know how to formulate, yet we perceive as essential and concrete; a place we need to encounter but which makes us small and bewildered.


Eva Geatti lives in Bologna, studied art, draws, performs, builds constructions, holds theatre workshops and writes poetry. In 2003, with Nicola Toffolini, she founded the Cosmesi theatre company, presenting their work in many national and international festivals. She has worked for research companies such as Masque Teatro, Motus, Ateliersi and Teatrino Clandestino. In Santarcangelo, she gave a concert on the terrace of the Francolini senior citizens’ centre, set up a personal exhibition in a flat, and organised the Conferenze Santarcangioline.

Dario Moroldo is a composer and musician. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he founded the band Amari with Davide Piva and Francesco Ceravolo. In 2007, he moved to Milan to work in the music editorial department of MTV Italy; he collaborates with Sony Music Italy and Sony Publishing ATV. He is the author of soundtracks for documentaries and feature films.


Accessibility: venue accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. Facilitated access from side entrance through via A. Costa.

via Ruggeri, 16



di Eva Geatti
con Adriana Bardi, Andrea Beghetto, Carolina Bisioli, Roberto Leandro Pau, Patrick Platolino
musiche Dario Moroldo
cura e promozione Irene Rossini
produzione Cosmesi con Corniolo Art Platform e Masque Teatro – Teatro Felix Guattari
con il sostegno di Spazio Kor, Centrale Fies, residenze Hummus-Ekodanza Paleotto11, Damatrà, Fivizzano 27, Murate Art District-Muse
in collaborazione con Motus Vague, Santarcangelo Festival

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