Catol Teixeira / Brazil

la peau entre les doigts

July 820.00
July 922.30
July 1019.00

What do you see from where you are? Should you, or should I, move? And how? Are you afraid? Catol Teixeira’s choreographic work is composed of bodies, space and time, interacting in a dynamic enabling improvisation and encounter. The performance is built on the oscillation between presence and absence, on offering and denying one’s own body, and on the looks and movements of the audience. Even the artist does not know how it will develop or what shape it will take, because it adapts to how the public positions within the space. La peau entre les doigts is a dance about intimacy, distance and separation. A dance dedicated to what is left behind, abandoned. It does not seek clarity or purity, it goes hand in hand with uncertainty, with the unknown, observing opposition and the surrender of the body to gravity. The choreography follows an order of moments: the welcoming, a vertiginous preparation, the crossing, celebration, sound of a memory. Catol dances, moving where there is a crack to be crossed, surrendering and resisting, in perpetual transition, without a destination.

Catol is a performer and choreographer. Born in 1993 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, they lived and danced in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salzburg and Berlin. They currently live in Geneva, Switzerland. After a ballet education, followed by a training in aerial circus techniques, they graduated in contemporary dance from La Manufacture in Lausanne. In 2017, they participated in ROAR in Berlin, where they studied with Anna Nowicka and Maria F. Scaroni. In 2018, they started working on independent projects, questioning the meaning of movement and inhabiting their body, considering dance a collective manifestation.

  • ITC Molari
    via Orsini, 19

Duration: 30 minutes.

Di e con Catol Teixeira / tracce musicali DEDO - tunga, Nexcyia - revelation, Chaos Clay - fuckCopace'ic / produzione Nico Wassmer / luci Justine Bouillet.

Spettacolo sostenuto da Fondazione svizzera per la cultura Pro Helvetia.

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