Ateliersi / Bologna, Italy

La mappa del cuore di Lea Melandri

July 159.30 pm
July 169.30 pm

Where do Duran and Jean-Luc Godard, the advice of the endocrinologist and The Devil in the Body, Siouxsie, Tarot cards and a very young Meryl Streep meet? In the many issues of Ragazza In, the weekly magazine for adolescents of the 80s, among whose pages the image of a society in transformation is caught. A magazine that makes the disruptive choice to entrust Lea Melandri, a reference figure of feminism and the non-authoritarian movement, with a correspondence column that she opens to dialogue between readers with psychoanalytic, poetic and literary stimuli. Ateliersi leads an emotional journey through those letters, interweaving the urgent and daring sounds of the time with the resonances present.

Recognised for scenic writing that transforms the data of reality through their poetic and musical recomposition, Ateliersi operates in the performing and theatrical arts, and deals with the cultural programming of Atelier Sì in Bologna. The company creates artistic interventions in which the performative gesture enters into dialogue with other disciplines in order to intercept anxieties and perspectives linked to the subversions that manifest themselves in the world.

duration 60'

we warmly recommend you arrive at the performance venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the show (the venue will open 1 hour before the performance starts)