Sandra Calderan, Rébecca Chaillon Paris, France

La gouineraie

Paris, France

In “La gouineraie”, Sandra Calderan, author, actress and director, and Rébecca Chaillon, author, director and activist – already at Santarcangelo Festival in 2023 with “Whitewashing” – proudly and ironically embrace their identity of lesbian women born and raised in the countryside. We are in a rural setting, among hay cuttings and miniature animals. Here, the performers start to playfully deconstruct the myth of the traditional, white, heterosexual and Catholic family, starting from its unchanging icons – the father and the mother – constrained by the limits dictated by their respective roles. This performance shows how feminism and ‘gouinerie’ (lesbianism) can save one’s life when growing up in a strict rural environment.


Sandra Calderan, an author, actress and director, conceives her poetic writing as a physical gesture, a bodily effort to convey on stage, where her poems acquire all their strength. In 2013, she founded La Compagnie des Hauts Parleurs, with which she created a first performance, “Envol”, and then a second one, “Just Us”. Poetry is at the centre of her politically engaged work, and it tirelessly retraces the stories of forgotten, wounded and luminous lives. For several years she has also been collaborating with Cirque Queer, the MONSTRA / Lucía Soto company, Compagnie ERANOS / Flor Paichard, Lou Trotignon, Rébecca Chaillon and La Compagnie Dans le Ventre.

Born in Martinique, Rébecca Chaillon is involved in the activities of feminist, queer and anti-racist collectives. In her artistic practices, she makes room for personal emancipation, deconstructing assumptions, mixing and overlapping identities, and acting against the discrimination of minorities and post-colonial populations in the French art industry. From 2005 to 2017, she worked in the Entrées de jeu theatre company directed by Bernard Grosjean, and in 2006, she founded La Compagnie Dans le Ventre. Chaillon writes for theatre and cinema, creating performances, short films and documentaries. Since 2020, she has been an associate artist at the Théâtre de la Manufacture in Nancy.


Accessibility: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

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testo e regia Rébecca Chaillon, Sandra Calderan
stage management Suzanne Péchenart
drammaturgia e collaborazione allestimento Céline Champinot
produzione Cie Dans Le Ventre, Cie des Hauts Parleurs
coproduzione CDN de Besançon Franche Comté
con il sostegno di Villa Valmont, Lormont Nouvelle Aquitaine
produzione / sviluppo Mara Teboul, Elise Bernard, Amandine Loriol - L’oeil écoute

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