Industria Indipendente / Italy

Klub Taiga – Dear Darkness

July 919.00
July 1016.30
July 1019.00
July 1120.00

Klub Taiga is a club appearing and disappearing
in the places where it is hosted.
It exists even in those moments when it does not appear.
It is a dark and hidden place, harbouring
a multi-thinking, acting organism, a single body
made of many bodies.
Here you can train your body and soul to seek
hidden knowledge and conservation practices.
The bodies and ghosts inhabiting Klub Taiga tend to
be manifold, they frequently change appearance, and they are fluid
in the attempt of surviving to ruins.

The KLUB is a space destined to countercultures, where fellow men gather, where bodies dance and move together, where ciphered messages are used, where there are individual rules, where at times there are no rules.
The unspoiled taiga, unwelcoming, undesired, is an antithetical place to the tropical dream.

This space is not for you.

Klub Taiga is a space made up of objects belonging to a different era, a place covered with carpets, fabrics, furniture, lights, clothes, branches, where visible and invisible movements of present and evoked bodies blend with the music and the lighting alterations. A matte, smoky and illuminated darkness, capable of reflecting many images and actions simultaneously. Bodies can express themselves while behaviours and thoughts stagger. Nothing happens in a single spot; there is no main character: all elements and bodies permeate each other.

There are no stories here, not even fragmented ones or ones shattered into small gestures, but Industria Indipendente’s work does not aim at an easily emotional approach. In a sense, it does not even consider communicative issues. It is not here to communicate; it is here to exist.
Andrea Pocosgnich – Teatro e Critica

Industria Indipendente is a collective dedicated to performative and visual arts. It originated in 2005 from the encounter between Erika Z. Galli and Martina Ruggeri. Through different languages and practices, the collective opens up new expressive and narrative horizons. In its various forms, the collective has taken part in international festivals such as Romaeuropa Festival, Biennale di Venezia, Short Theatre, Tropici, ActOral, La Biennale di Venezia. Since 2019, it has been a resident company at Oceano Indiano, a project produced by Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale.

  • Teatro Il Lavatoio
    via Ruggeri, 16

Duration: 75 minutes.

Language: Italian with English subtitles.

The show is not recommended to people suffering from epilepsy and heart disease, due to the use of strobe lights.

un progetto di Industria Indipendente con Annamaria Ajmone, Luca Brinchi, Erika Z.Galli, Martina Ruggeri, Steve Pepe, Federica Santoro, Yva&The Toy George e Luca Brinchi / collaborazione artistica Dario Carratta, Floating Beauty, Timo Performativo, TEIN clothing / produzione Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale / con il sostegno di Angelo Mai, Santarcangelo Festival / © Martina Leo.