Betty Apple / Taiwan

IT ME – ITME — TIME (Travel)

July 1115.30

Betty Apple presents a digital performance in which a cyborg from 夢Dream2050 shares its present reality with a group of humans from 2050. In this future, only 1 per cent of land is left, and most of its inhabitants are cyborgs living under the sea. When Betty becomes Beta, in front of her computer camera, she wears a suit capable of protecting humans and providing them with oxygen, taking on the appearance of a mutant hybrid, the same as the Santarcangelo 2050 image. Comparing the two different futures and interweaving questions on the environment, our daily lives, time and the obsession with the future, she engages the audience in a journey through time from 2021 to 2050.

Betty Apple belongs to the generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan. Her art focuses on the political and performative use of the body, drawing on her experience as a millennial in post-colonial Taiwan. In her work, she uses symbolic objects from kitsch culture and consumer society to highlight what science and patriarchy hide beneath their seemingly perfect background noise.

Free entrance
  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

Online performance.

Tickets can’t be booked. Access allowed until capacity is reached.

3D artist: Vvxxiii.
Live visual: A copy of a copy.

con il supporto di Taipei Digital Art Center.