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July 915.30
July 1115.30
July 1415.30
July 1615.30
July 1715.30
July 1811.30

Friday 9 July 3.30pm –  Cortile Scuola Elementare Pascucci
Iridescent Skins: performing the blending towards mixed dramaturgies

Meeting with Francesca Corona, Selamawit Biruk, Muna Mussie, Emilia Verginelli and lawyer Silvia Calderoni, member of the association Progetto Diritti, specialised in immigration law. Coordinated by Anna Serlenga.

A comparison between Italian companies characterised by “cultural cross-fertilisation”: artists who made the encounter with otherness the heart of their narrative and made mixture the amalgam of their aesthetics. These artistic paths offer us a snapshot of our socio-political present, challenging the rhetoric of nationalist simplification.

Language: Italian with simultaneous translation into English.

Sunday 11 July 3.30pm – Cortile Scuola Elementare Pascucci
Body in transition _ Time/Space Travels

A journey between remote spaces and the near future with the online real-time performances of Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (from Kumasi, Ghana) and Betty Apple (from Taipei, Taiwan). A meeting dedicated to mutant bodies and identity transitions, from the aesthetic sphere to the political dimension, with a focus on activism and homophobic laws in Africa and Asia.
Coordinated by Chiara Organtini.

Language: English with simultaneous translation into Italian.

Wednesday 14 July 3.30pm –  Cortile Scuola Elementare Pascucci
Wintering: how to resist the glaciation of Fus (and other dinosaurs)

A meeting with all the groups of the Begin Anywhere section coordinated by Daniela Nicolò and Enrico Casagrande, who will discuss – with different forms and poetic/political modalities – the question: what does it mean to undertake independent paths of creation outside the fences today? We are aware that this day will be but a spark in a dark time, but it is like a small time-capsule: a platform to launch common practices that we will try to extend to other realities of the Italian and foreign scene.

Language: Italian with simultaneous translation into English.

Friday 16 July 3.30pm –  Biblioteca Comunale Antonio Baldini
–biofiction– a space for mermaids witches and eggs

Curated by Antonia Anna Ferrante and Ilenia Caleo together with Maddalena Fragnito, Beatrice Busi, Federica Timeto and others.

A space for sharing traces – between theoretical research and transfeminist activism – on the imagination of the body / bodies {human, non-human, inanimate}, fiction and biologies. A collection of 11 objects – beings, experiences, images, artistic practices, imaginations – each told in a slot lasting six and a half minutes. Something to compose and leave to freely ferment. The words we will be composting are: natureculture ° bio-hacking ° co-design of care ° protocols ° knowledge of the body ° fiction and biologies ° anti-speciesist technologies ° DIY/DIT ° toxic bodies ° genealogies of genres ° cyberwitches&bio-witches.

Language: Italian with simultaneous translation into English.

Sabato 17 luglio 3.30pm – Biblioteca Comunale Antonio Baldini
Presentation of the INCROCI project created by Teatro Magro of Mantua, Asinitas of Rome and Progetto Amunì-Babel of Palermo, with the aim of activating paths of social inclusion, awareness and research through performing arts.

Speakers: Cecilia Bartoli, Marina Visentini, Flavio Cortellazzi, Giuseppe Provinzano, Fabiana Iacozzilli and project participants; scientific contribution: Andrea Porcheddu and Cecilia Carponi; with the support of Laura Danieli of Fondazione Alta Mane Italia; moderator Teatro e Critica.

With the support of: Fondazione Alta Mane Italia and SCENA UNITA, Fondazione Cesvi La Musica che Gira and Music Innovation Hub.

Sunday 18 July 11.30am –  Cortile Scuola Elementare Pascucci
How To Be Together?

Coordinated by Chiara Organtini with the participation of Annalisa Sacchi, Frederik Le Roy, Silvia Bottiroli, Sodja Lotcker and Frédéric Plazy and with the contributions from facilitators and camp participants.

The final day of the HTBT special project, an experiment in cohabitation to imagine new communities: the camp becomes an open ground for sharing experiences, visions and possible responses.

Language: English and Italian with simultaneous translation.

Free entrance
  • Biblioteca Comunale Antonio Baldini
    via Pascoli, 3

  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

Access allowed until capacity is reached.