Societas. Romeo Castellucci / Italy

Il Terzo Reich

July 1521.30
July 1523.00
July 1622.00

Language can be a violent and totalitarian instrument: Il Terzo Reich is the portrait of an instilled and mandatory communication where words exhaust entire areas of reality, where names appear identical in their mechanical seriality. A portion of all the nouns present in the Italian lexis is projected on a large screen. One word after another, at increasing speed, until the retinal and mnemonic ability to retain a word appearing for one twentieth of a second starts to falter. The hectic succession of words allows some to linger on the visual cortex; others – the majority – will be lost. The viewer, exposed to this treatment, experiences human words in terms of quantity. It is not about what, but how much. The core of language returns to white noise, which brings back chaos.

Romeo Castellucci is a director, creator of sets, lights and costumes, known worldwide for creating a theatre based on the totality of arts and aimed at an integral perception of the work. His stagings are regularly invited and produced by the most prestigious international theatres, festivals and opera houses in over sixty countries. He directed the Theatre section at the Venice Biennale, he was “Artiste Associé” at the Avignon Festival and is currently “Grand Invité” at Triennale Milano.

  • Parco Baden Powell

Duration: 50 minutes.

The show is not recommended to people suffering from epilepsy and heart disease, due to the use of strobe lights and very loud sounds.

installazione di Romeo Castellucci / suoni Scott Gibbons / coreografia e interpretazione Gloria Dorliguzzo / realizzazione video Luca Mattei / consulenza informatica Alessandro Colla / produzione Societas / © SRS.