Fanny & Alexander / Ravenna, Italy

I sommersi e i salvati

July 174 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm
July 1812 am, 4 pm, 6 pm
July 1912 am

Put a performer, an actor, in the condition to allow the recorded voice of another life to pass through him, to wear the voice like a skin, to take a soul bath in it, letting himself be soaked, like a skein of wool soaked in water. In the grain of the voice, the traumas of experience are hidden but, above all, comes forth the strength of character, of reason, of mission.

Starting from the audio and video of Rai and YouTube showcases, Andrea Argentieri steps into the shoes of the writer Primo Levi, assuming his voice, gestures, postures, speeches in the first person. It is a face-to-face meeting, in which the writer testifies to his experience in the concentration camps with a very lucid technique of skimming memory, with the transparency of a gaze capable of expressing the unspeakable. The performer does not read, he makes the foreign voice react in himself, he picks it up from the earphones and gives it back instantly, together with the emotions, the expressions of the writer, guided by a question: how much is this testimony still able to speak to us through the sensitivity of an actor who lets himself be traversed by the original materials left to us?

Fanny & Alexander is an arts workshop founded in Ravenna in 1992 by Luigi De Angelis and Chiara Lagani. Over the course of 25 years, it has created over 80 events including theatre and music shows, video and film productions, obtaining numerous awards. With the project “Se questo è Levi” (If this is Levi) they won the Ubu 2019 Special Prize; and, for the same show, Andrea Argentieri won the Ubu 2019 Best Actor Under 35 Award.

There is no fiction, there is no interpretive distance: we are in front of Levi, we forget – also because of the proximity and similarity – that the writer is dead, the author of The Drowned and the Saved is magically there among us, he speaks with us, we find ourselves listening to him, ourselves in a trance. Fiction and reality are one because what Andrea Argentieri does is to embody the word, or better, Levi’s voice. He gives substance to his thought and does so with a monstrous effectiveness that leaves one speechless.
Nicola Arrigoni –

  • Sala Consiliare
    piazza Ganganelli, 1

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duration 45'

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Dal progetto “Se questo è Levi” / regia Luigi De Angelis / drammaturgia Chiara Lagani / con Andrea Argentieri / organizzazione e promozione Ilenia Carrone / produzione E/Fanny & Alexander
foto Enrico Fedrigoli