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I difensori della Terra

April 27, 20229.00 pm
April 28, 20229.00 pm
April 29, 20229.00 pm

non-scuola of Teatro delle Albe is back to Lavatoio Theater. The Defenders, a tale by Philip K. Dick, was the starting point of a laboratory that involved more than thirty participants between 11 and 13 years old from the Franchini School in Santarcangelo. During a four months course, they attended this workshop held by Michele Bandini and Anna Lisa Magnani.

This story tries to narrate about oneself and the world. That world in conflict, science fiction, distant, imaginative, but still possible and futuristic. A big circle, symbolic, tribal, from which to play and evoke desires, fantasies, but also concerns and hopes. A lively game born from the need to stay together and collectively cross, with enthusiasm and energy, the complexities of the present according to the hope of a future.

free entrance
  • Teatro Il Lavatoio
    via Ruggeri, 16

reservations: tel 0541 626185

the access to the theater is allowed by showing Green Pass

un progetto di non-scuola del Teatro delle Albe / Scuola Media Franchini di Santarcangelo / ZoeTeatro / Spazio Zut
guide laboratorio Michele Bandini, Anna Lisa Magnani
insegnante assistente Damiano Folli
progetto realizzato in collaborazione con Associazione Zoe e compagnia ZoeTeatro e Spazio Zut, con il sostegno del Comune di Santarcangelo e Santarcangelo Festival