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I difensori della Terra

July 1220.00

The workshop of non-scuola involved 35 students – aged 11 to 13 – of the Teresa Franchini Middle School in Santarcangelo, inviting them to build a collective narrative capable of opening up a glimpse into future scenarios. The isolation of the past two years intertwined with the theme of conflict, giving momentum to a work of improvisation and sharing of thoughts, a theatrical game triggered by an argument that starts for no apparent reason. Philip K.Dick’s The Defenders provides the basis for an attempt to restore a narrative of oneself and the world. A faraway world of conflict, science fiction and imagination, but still a feasible one. A big, symbolic, tribal circle in which to play and evoke desires, fantasies, but also anxieties and hopes. A lively game born out of the need to be together and collectively, enthusiastically and energetically navigating the complexities of the present while pursuing the hope of a wonderful future.

The non-scuola is the anti-academic theatrical experience for teenagers that Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna Teatro has been keeping alive for over twenty years. From Ravenna to the outskirts of the world, the contaminations of the non-scuola, the stage and the choral universe of teenagers generate a theatrical outcome which is both pedagogical and artistic.

Free entrance
  • Piazza Ganganelli

Duration: 50 minutes.
Language: Italian.

Tickets can’t be booked. Tickets available at the Box Office (Piazza Ganganelli) on the same day of the event from 10.30.

Con Achille Brigliadori, Ada Meyer, Agata Nardella, Anife Minaj, Anita Angelini, Annalisa Giglio, Beatrice Pugliese, Bianca Celli, Daniele Marconi, Davide Bonanni, Edoardo Serrani, Emma Di Sarra, Filippo Cavalli, Giovanni Canini, Giulia Dell'Aquila, Kejsi Lika, Luca Gambetti, Lucia Bertozzi, Lucia Molari, Marco Pirini, Margherita Cesari, Maria Victoria Paci, Martina Mertiri, Matilde Zangoli, Mia Carello, Noa Piva, Sharon Pastafiglia, Sofia Parmeggiani, Viola Celli, Yassin Harmachi, Yassmin Harmachi / guide laboratorio Michele Bandini, Anna Lisa Magnani / insegnante assistente Damiano Folli / progetto realizzato in collaborazione con Associazione Zoe e compagnia ZoeTeatro e Spazio Zut, con il sostegno del Comune di Santarcangelo e Santarcangelo Festival.

Spettacolo offerto da Birra Amarcord.