Valentina Medda / Bologna, Italy

Healing interventions for domestic wounds

July 1019.00-23.00, performance
from July 11 to 1320.00-22.00, installation

Healing interventions for domestic wounds is a series of performative acts designed to activate the memory of place through the use of acupuncture needles. These needles are applied directly to the architecture, tracing cracks, imperfections, stains, patches – all the signs of a life lived.
By comparing the human surface to a wall, the distance between body and space is collapsed, and the differentiation between “taking care of something” and “taking care of someone” rendered obsolete. This act of care transforms both the self and its surroundings, based on needs and desires.
Specifically conceived for each site, the interventions consist of two following steps: the posing of the needles – performed in front of an audience – and the final constellation – which inhabits the space as a permanent or temporary installation.
The duration of the interventions vary accordingly with the size of the “wound”, the needs and desires of the host, and the artist’s own relationship with the space.
First presented in the artist’ studio in New York and then performed in Maison Ventidue, a home gallery in Bologna, Valentina Medda will now begin treatment on a new domestic space in Santarcangelo.

free event

duration 240'
for the duration of the show, you are welcome to come and go as you please, to stay as long as you like

si ringrazia Alessandro Gotti e il Circolo Santabago