Studio Dries Verhoeven / Utrecht, Netherlands

Guilty Landscapes

from July 05 to 14every 10 minutes, from 16.00 to 24.00

This edition of Santarcangelo is not narrated through any one topic or issue. Mirroring the times we live in, the program embraces multifaceted complexity. The invitation is to experience these 10 days as a collective practice: to ask yourself “how might I experience this moment?”, rather than indulging an immediate need to rationalise or “get it”. We hope you can take this opportunity to reflect on the different behaviours our context provokes.
Forensic Architecture introduces the term “disobedient gaze”: redirecting attention from the spectacularized news stories towards the more complex dynamics that are at play. Going beyond political labels to uncover the human experience.
We encourage this mode of viewership; one that is aware of its own responsibility and turns audience members into accomplicies and agents.

The continual availability of news on our laptops, televisions and smartphones makes us perpetual witnesses to complex situations on the other side of the world feeling unease through the confrontation with poverty and desperation. The news camera is not neutral; intentionally or unintentionally, those who are filmed are framed as victims. Before they know it, the socially conscious viewer is dragged into a vortex of guilt and shame.
With the large scale video installation Guilty Landscapes, Dries Verhoeven brings the reality of uncomfortable news images confrontationally close. He poses the question of whether a personal connection is possible between the viewer and the person being viewed. What if the news were to turn and look at its witnesses; what if the protagonists on the evening news were to look us in the eye?

  • Spazio Saigi
    via IV Novembre, 5

video-installation for one spectator at a time
max duration 10'
show up 5' before the start of the performance
full price 13€ / reduced price 11€

di Dries Verhoeven
produzione Studio Dries Verhoeven
coproduzione SPRING Festival Utrecht, Foreign Affairs Berlin, Boulevard Theatre Festival Hertogenbosch, MU Artspace Eindhoven
con il supporto di Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Het Zilveren Lint Fonds, VSBfonds, Dutch Performing Arts Fund, Municipality of Utrecht, Stimuleringsfonds