Bluemotion / Fanny & Alexander with Tempo Reale / Belgium / Italy

Grand Bois

July 920.30

Grand Bois is a crossroads, a place of intersection. It rises with rhythms that come from far away rooftops and carries in its caves the signs of ancient spirits.
Grand Bois is a carnival of rhythms, where individual musical masks can suddenly appear, pointing to a musical tension, fever, contagion, a collective dance.

Grand Bois is a polyrhythmic musical composition, a ceremony for sharing beats in a festive dimension. It is simultaneously plural and individual, open to encounters with other knowledge, exchanges and active participation. The musician(s) begin from an idea of trance and dissolution of the ego, getting in touch with a shared musical root. Like in a forest – where each tree is connected to the other through roots, mushrooms and leaves transmitting spores and mutual information – Grand Bois is an ecosystem that connects the performers through a system of in-ear headphones: from the headquarters, beats and rhythms are sent to the various stations. Thus, a new polyrhythmic composition appears, one where the listener can decide how to approach each sound source, where to focus their perception while making their journey.
Grand Bois draws on the Haitian tradition of voodoo ceremonies and seeks to intercept what remains of them today, embodying their evocative power in the present and spreading it through the cracks of a collective event.


Installation by Bluemotion and Fanny & Alexander in collaboration with Santabago is
open for visitors from 8 to 10 July and from 16 to 18 July / 5 to 7.30 pm at Santabago, Via Contrada de’ Fabbri 11/13. Reservations:

BLUEMOTION is a theatrical group born in Rome from the artistic and political activity of Angelo Mai. Performers, directors, musicians and visual artists united, following their aspirations and desires, addressing their visions on the present and art.

Fanny & Alexander is an artistic alliance founded in Ravenna in 1992 by Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani. Fanny & Alexander produces shows, live performances, operas and installations from the fusion of different artistic languages, triggering interactions between classical forms and content, experimentation and new technologies.

Founded by Luciano Berio in 1987, Tempo Reale is a research, production and education centre whose work focuses on music. Today, it is a reference point for research, production and education on new musical technologies and electronic music.

Santabago is a private location dedicated to art, culture and hospitality. It is a members-only space for food and wine tastings, meetings, art exhibitions, readings and musical events. An association connected to the territory, its history and its boundless beauty, always aiming at cultural and creative exchange and contamination.

Free entrance
  • Piazza Ganganelli

Tickets can’t be booked. Entrance passes available at the Box Office (Piazza Ganganelli) on the same day of the event from 5pm.

Grand Bois starts from Piazza Ganganelli and then spreads to 12 locations in the city center. It will be possible to listen to Grand Bois until 11.30pm. It is possible to collect the map at the Box Office in Piazza Ganganelli.

un progetto musicale di Bluemotion e Fanny & Alexander / in collaborazione con Tempo Reale / ideazione Luigi De Angelis, Cristiano De Fabritiis, Giorgina Pi / music concept Luigi De Angelis e Cristiano De Fabritiis / drammaturgia Giorgina Pi / regia Luigi De Angelis e Giorgina Pi / sound design Damiano Meacci / con Cristiano De Fabritiis e 14 percussioniste/i + special guest Vittoria Burattini / voce Ashai Lombardo Arop / Artwork Simone Tso un progetto installativo di Bluemotion e Fanny & Alexander / in collaborazione con Santabago associazione culturale / realizzato all’interno del progetto Create to Connect -> Create to Impact / con il sostegno di Rappresentanza Generale della Comunità Fiamminga e della Regione delle Fiandre.

Musicians: Matteo Benocci, Rita Brancato, Davide Broggini, Ivo Cavallo, Lucrezia Di Fiandra, Rita Felicetti, Giulia Formica, Luca Gallio, Edoardo Grisognani, Pablo Grohl Tarli, Moustapha Mbaye, Giovanni Natalini, Pietro Vicentini, Riccardo Zelinotti.