Francesca Grilli / Bruxelles, Belgium / Bologna, Italy

Gold – rising version

July 06from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm
July 07 from 10.00 pm to 11.00 pm

It’s dark in the hall. Three singers, three voices from different generations, rise into the air, evoking the era of the word revolution, and its meaning today. Around the space fly three hawks, brushing against the spectator (who is free to come in and go out during the performance), arousing attraction, fear, maybe even a sense of menace. Powerful, magical, noble predators capable of reawakening the spirit, of reviving curiosity: sharing the same space with these wild creatures provokes the same emotions as great transforming moments. Francesca Grilli, an artist associated with the Festival, explores the word revolution, and its meaning today. Extracts from newspapers, articles and magazines from all over the world turn into a sound act through the voices of the singers. Every performance reveals, each time in a different way, the fragility of the word revolution, which is now devoid of meaning and is lost in a weak Western world, or perhaps has become idle or simply given up, to restore a moment of truth to it in the choral quality of the voices and the irrational, bewitching, disorienting flight of the birds.

  • Supercinema
    piazza Marconi, 1

full price 6€

entrance or exit is allowed at any time for the entire duration of the performance

children under 4 years old are not allowed

creazione Francesca Grilli
voce Alessandra Bordiga, Sara Persico, Caterina Casotto
falconiere Lara Flisi, Lara Cattini
organizzazione di produzione Mila Rampini
diffusione e cura Giulia Traversi
produzione Centrale Fies, Santarcangelo Festival
con il sostegno di Associazione culturale dello Scompiglio Vorno

ph. Francesca Grilli