CORPS CITOYEN / Italy / Tunisia

Gli altri لخرین

July 819.00
July 919.00

An audition.
An actor alone in a western scene.
He rehearses, sings, trains.
He rehearses the role of the hero.
But the role isn’t written for him.

Gli altri لخرین is an acid dialogue, a light and ironic work on the perception of the Other that moves in a hybrid territory: banal, vulgar and direct images and songs alternate with stories rooted in the depths of our Western mentality and identity. In subtle balance between fiction and reality, it exposes the device of power that underlies the orientalist representation of the Other starting from the quintessential form of representation, scenic fiction. A voice-over comments, gives instructions, remembers limits and modalities. The audience is an integral part of the game. Crossing several genres, from cinema to docu-fiction, passing through classical theatre and advertising, CORPS CITOYEN reveals the hidden colonial paternalism while reaffirming the right to its necessary presence on stage.

CORPS CITOYEN is a multidisciplinary artistic collective based between Tunis and Milan. The collective uses dance, theatre, poetry, video, animation, writing and anthropological research to create new contemporary narratives. The group’s objective is to activate social reflection through the expressive potential of art and bodies, building a space for creative resistance.

  • Supercinema
    piazza Marconi, 1

Duration: 50 minutes.

Language: Italian with English subtitles.

con Rabii Brahim, Marko Bukaqeja, Anja Dimitrijevic / voice-off Marko Bukaqeja, Carmelo Crusafulli, Anja Dimitrijevic, Giacomo Martini, Anna Serlenga, Chiara Stoppa, Ilaria Zanotti / performers in video Wassim Ghrioui, Alesa Herero, Nidhal S'hili, Nour Zrafi / spazio scenico Manuel D'Onofrio e Paola Villani / luci e video Manuel D'Onofrio / drammaturgia di scena Bruna Bonanno / costumi Salah Barka / sartoria scenica Serpica Naro / cultural advisor Viviana Gravano / organizzazione e promozione cultureandprojects - Vittoria Lombardi / foto di scena Luca Centola, Matteo Ceschi, Federico Garibaldi / regia Anna Serlenga / con il sostegno di ZONA K nell’ambito del progetto IntercettAzioni - Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia mare culturale urbano - Qui e Ora residenza teatrale - COX 18 - BASE Milano / Tatwerk Performative Forschung / Crowdfunders Roberta Bruzzechesse, Ferdinando Brunetti, Giada Cipollone, Aurora Diotti, Chiara Giubilaro, Erica Grossi, Virginia Martinez Ojosnegros, Anna Kasten, Marta Paoletti, Letizia Paoletti, Carla Tulipano / © Luca Centola.