Baptiste Cazaux Geneva, Switzerland


Geneva, Switzerland
9 July 9:30 pm
10 July 9:00 pm
11 July 11:00 pm
9 July 9:30 pm
10 July 9:00 pm
11 July 11:00 pm

“GIMME A BREAK!!!” is a quest for catharsis, a plea for a pause in the hectic pace of daily life. Borrowing from the vocabulary of rave music, meditative practices and headbanging, Baptiste Cazaux continues their research into emotional peace and detachment, which they see as survival strategies in the face of capitalism. In a duet with loudspeakers, they compose a deregulated space-time, full of complexities and contradictions, in search of a vital and necessary impulse. “GIMME A BREAK!!!” is rooted in the young Swiss performer’s personal experience of depression in recent years during the various lockdowns, moments in which the artist’s music and DJ practice took a central role in their life – allowing them to feel intense emotions and keep creating – together with conscious meditation, the focus of their previous work ‘meditation on pretty fast music’.


After training in classical dance in Biarritz, in 2015, Baptiste Cazaux joined the Ballet Junior de Genève. They performed works by internationally renowned choreographers such as Olivier Dubois, Barak Marshall, Roy Assaf, Sharon Eyal and Thomas Hauert. Now a dancer, performer and choreographer, Cazaux works in Switzerland and Belgium with choreographers such as József Trefeli, Perrine Valli, Jan Martens, Ayelen Parolin and Katerina Andreou. Since the 2020 / 2021 season, they have been Associated artist at L’Abri in Geneva, as well as at Théâtre Sévelin 36. They are also supported by the Réseau Grand Luxe. In July 2022, they participated in the ATLAS program of ImPulsTanz Festival with the support of Pro Helvetia. Cazaux is also regularly DJing with the name Glaire Waldork.


Accessibility: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

via Orsini 19, Santarcangelo



coreografia e performance Baptiste Cazaux
musica Être Peintre
luci Justine Bouillet
suono Gaspard Perdrisat
assistente Lisa Laurent
drammaturgia Johanna Hilari
distribuzione in Svizzera, amministrazione e produzione Yamina Pilli – oh la la production
distribuzione internazionale Quentin Legrand – Rue Branly
coproduzione La Bâtie – Festival de Genève, Théâtre Sévelin 36, L’Abri, KLAP Maison pour la danse
in collaborazione con Réseau Grand Luxe Danse & Dramaturgie
con il sostegno di Ernst Göhner Stiftung, SSA (Société Suisse des Auteurs), CND – Centre national de la danse

progetto realizzato con il supporto di Fondazione svizzera per la cultura Pro Helvetia