GEGEN / Berlin, Germany

GEGEN BODIES / DJ-Set, Imbosco

July 14 11.59 pm

Djs MAR/US + XIK (Fabio Boxikus)

Towards the desire of becoming, beyond a politics of the bodies, we ventured into a dark forest

Imbosco is a late night program of Santarcangelo Festival, a circus tent lost among the trees, only a short walk from Park Cappuccini, along the river Uso. It is the place to go when the night falls, the performances are over and the day program is finished, but a new moment begins, a laid back time, full of music, dance and fun. Italian and International DJs play music every night, starting from midnight, to recharge the energy batteries of the Festival audience.

free event
  • Imbosco
    via Costa - Parco Baden Powell