Manzoni / Cherchi Milan, Italy / Paris, France


Milan, Italy / Paris, France
February 6, 2023 7:00 pm
Free entrance
Free entrance
February 6, 2023 7:00 pm


What does it mean to enter the labyrinth of creation?
What happens when desire, necessity, pride and fragility become the shifting weights along the way?
As lost and lonely human beings we forget our being, the other and we are lost in an obsessive labyrinth.
Two bags of bones are left, slammed and impregnated with memories.
The project “Forgetters” is an attempt for a common ‘sound’.


Lunella Cherchi was born in Milan in 1989. Graduating in contemporary dance from Susanna Beltrami’s Dance Haus in Milan and specializing at LADMMI in Montreal, Canada, and at the Modem training of Compagnia Zappalà, she continued her studies by taking part in workshops with internationally renowned companies and choreographers such as Akram Khan, Ultima Vez, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Staatstheater Kassel Yohannes Wieland, Sidra Bell dance in New York, Vertigo Company and Sita Ostheimer Company. She completed her training with the Fire program at SEAD in Salzburg. She has worked as a dancer and performer for several directors, companies, theaters and festivals on the European scene such as Romeo Castellucci, CIE Zevada, Flux Company, Zed Kontemporary Line Dance Company, Mito International Festival, Cie Mess, Gray Box Project, co-production with Carte Blanche and several others. In her artistic research she combines studies in psycho-pedagogy, martial arts, and folk dance and music.

Nicola Manzoni was born in Lecco in 1992. He approached the world of theater at the age of 20 through amateur courses in speech and physical theater. After graduating in Energy Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, he undertook contemporary dance studies at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Milan and at SEAD in Salzburg. Since 2018 he has been working as a dancer and performer for Compagnie Olivier Dubois and since 2020 for Tanzcompany Gervasi; he has also collaborated on several other projects in contemporary dance and video dance and opera. His artistic research investigates the use of the body, sound, light and stage space to seek a medium between imaginary worlds and the eye of the spectator.


Accessibility: venue accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. Facilitated access from side entrance through via A. Costa.

via Ruggeri, 16



contemporary dance project by and with Lunella Cherchi and Nicola Manzoni
original music Alessio Sanna
light design Maria Virzi
production Anghiari Dance Hub and Komm_Tanz - Abbondanza/Bertoni