Michelle Moura / Curitiba, Brazil


July 06 8.00 pm
July 0711.00 pm
July 088.00 pm

She breathes in, breathes out. Blows, bellows. Breath seeps in, runs through every inch of the body, grows denser, steers it, shakes it, jolts it. Shifting her feelings to modify her thinking, Brazilian choreographer and performance artist Michelle Moura, based in Berlin, attains a different perception and thereby alters her perspective, moving from the body to the mind. Inspired by post-psychedelic therapy and ritual ceremonies, among visions and dreams of war, she creates a work where the animalistic connects with the mechanical: the catharsis of all the forms of violence we are exposed to and that we have been producing through time. This is an enfolding, almost hypnotic experience, suspended in time.

  • Teatro Il Lavatoio
    via Ruggeri, 16

duration 45'

full price 13€ / reduced price 11€

ideazione e performance Michelle Moura
sound design Rodrigo Lemos
suono Kaj Duncan David
light design Fábia Regina
tecnico luci Leticia Skrycky
drammaturgia Alex Cassal
produzione Brazil, Cândida Monte, Wellington Guitti
distribuzione Something Great
finanziato da Rumos Dança - Itaú Cultural
con il supporto di Artistas en Residencia PAR 2013, Taller Casarrodante, FIDCU (Montevideo - UY)

ph. Cristiano Prim
video Leco Souza