Nel corso del tempo /

Festivals in times of pandemic – Talk

July 153 pm - 5 pm


Francesca Corona – Short Theatre
Edoardo Donatini – Contemporanea
Roberta Ferraresi – Writer, Researcher
Roberto Naccari – Santarcangelo Festival
Luca Ricci – Kilowatt Festival
Dino Sommadossi – Drodesera

Italian contemporary festivals are the engines of innovation is the title of an identity document published in January 2020 and under-signed by fifty-three festivals. It identifies some cultural functions linked to the support of artists, to the processes of internationalisation, to the development of projects with territories and communities, to the regeneration of places and spaces, and to the development of a debate on contemporary creation that festivals have taken on almost exclusively as time has passed, to the detriment of a national regulation that does not enhance them.
Paradoxically, today the temporary suspension of the quantitative and temporal constraints imposed by ministerial decree is allowing those festivals that this year have accepted the challenge to take the stage, to carry out their cultural project in a flexible and innovative way. Beginning with the testimony of some of the institutions that are redesigning their activities, the meeting is intended to develop a debate on the future of Festivals and the rules that govern their functioning.

free event
  • Sala Consiliare
    piazza Ganganelli, 1

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