Let's Revolution! / Teatro Patalò / Italy

FAVILLA. Frammento minutissimo di materia incandescente

July 1321.30

A party without end, without beginning.
All you can do is tolerate each other, play, burn.
Be consumed with passion.

Favilla originated from a dramaturgical exercise inspired by Samuel Beckett’s texts and Harold Pinter’s Party Time. After two years of forced inactivity, this work starts with language and reaches movement, dance and physicality, overcoming barriers, the joy and fatigue of dancing and letting go. We are at a party, but we can sense the war happening outside. The girls and boys who participated in the workshop – aged 14 to 19 – worked on the dialogues and the chorus. These dialogues are not narrative: they are allusive, welcoming ideas from elsewhere without offering too much explanation. They are windows opening onto the outside, onto other lives, while the unaware people inside keep dancing. Sparks are microscopic fragments of incandescent matter, tiny flames that illuminate glimpses of our lives, small “particles of embers” that will light up the ashes covering the present.

Let’s Revolution! is an artistic project of Teatro Patalò dedicated to teenagers: a sharing space for scenic techniques and human discoveries. The workshop – curated by Isadora Angelini and Luca Serrani – approaches acting through creative processes, physical and vocal training, resulting in a fully-fledged theatrical production. The project started in 2015 as part of Santarcangelo Festival’s annual programme dedicated to the city, and over 120 boys and girls have taken part in it since it began. Since 2017, the final performance has been presented as part of Santarcangelo Festival’s programme and other Italian events.

Free entrance
  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

Duration: 50 minutes.
Language: Italian.

Tickets can’t be booked. Tickets available at the Box Office (Piazza Ganganelli) on the same day of the event from 10.30.

Con Giovanni Bauleo, Magda Bernardini, Diego Bussi, Diletta Casali, Emanuele Casadei, Christian Dei, Emilia Gabellini, Giacomo Gabrielli, Francesco Mami, Alida Mancini, Martina Raggini, Camilla Savini, Simone Silvestri / regia e drammaturgia Isadora Angelini e Luca Serrani / collaborazione alla creazione Alida Mancini, Martina Raggini, Simone Silvestri / produzione Teatro Patalò - Santarcangelo Festival / esito di Let’s Revolution! Laboratorio per ragazze e ragazzi dai 14 ai 19 anni, un progetto del Teatro Patalò realizzato con il sostegno di Santarcangelo Festival e il Comune di Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Spettacolo offerto da Birra Amarcord.

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