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Family Affair | Santarcangelo

July 1610 pm
July 1710 pm

Family Affair is a documentary and participatory theatre project which questions the state of the art of the contemporary family – small nuclear families to larger ones, couples without children, single parents, families and fraternities by choice, rainbow families, co-habitation and family groups of all kinds – using video, voice and live presence. The work in Santarcangelo is the 17th stopover of a European project that began over four years ago; the starting theme is living together, from cohabitation to sharing in times of pandemic. How are the spaces and times of a family circle organised? How many types of families exist? What do we call ‘family’? How many types of stories are produced within the same family? How many families are we part of?

ZimmerFrei was born from the fellowship between Anna de Manincor (artist and filmmaker) and Massimo Carozzi (sound designer and musician). The collective was founded in Bologna in 2000, together with Anna Rispoli, artist and director based in Brussels. ZimmerFrei works in various fields of contemporary art producing sound and video installations, documentary films, performances and interventions in public space.

Noises of crockery, doors which slam, water running, children crying, the centrifuge of the washing machine, TVs switched on, dogs barking. The families are all the same, like the sounds coming from the houses, like the time that passes the days, and the events of life: births, deaths, parties, accidents, moving house. The life of families takes the floor on stage in a game of cross-references and correspondences. And while small narratives are remodelled into a mythology of everyday life, the group portrait of what it means to be a family today is composed.
Sabina Minardi – L’Espresso

  • Parco Baden Powell

duration 60'

we warmly recommend you arrive at the performance venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the show (the venue will open 1 hour before the performance starts)

concept e regia ZimmerFrei / regia video Anna de Manincor / suono Massimo Carozzi / assistente alla regia Muna Mussie / comunicazione Gaia Raffiotta / con la partecipazione di famiglie e gruppi di abitanti di Santarcangelo e dintorni / co-produzione Santarcangelo Festival e ZimmerFrei / con il sostegno di Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, Network Open Latitudes con il supporto del Programma Cultura dell’Unione Europea / inserito all'interno del progetto europeo BE PART cofinanziato dal programma Europa creativa dell'Unione europea
foto Annæmma Antonello

con Raffaella Albertazzi, Raghad Al Khawli, Khadija Belahsen, Achille Brigliadori, Elettra Brigliadori, Dario Costigliola, Ginevra Costigliola, Alessia della Pasqua, Onide Fabbri, Giulia Ghinelli, Alberto Gnola, Abd Elrahim Hsyan, Iftikar Hsyan, Melania Marcatelli, Isabella Pieroni, Margherita Peroni, Stefano Pieroni, Elena Tontini, Enea Tontini, Ramona Tosi

e la partecipazione di Ali Al Khawli, Qutayba Al Khawli, Simone Brigliadori, Ulisse Brigliadori, Hiba Hsyan, Luna Hsyan, Mohamad Hsyan, Samar Hsyan

si ringrazia Arianna Valentini