Wash Up /

Eva Geatti + Slander

July 09 10.00 pm

Wash Up is a project that has enabled five youngsters aged from fifteen to twenty to become the co-curators of the Teatro Il Lavatoio programme, a spin of unexpected proposals that during the course of the year saw bands and musicians chosen by the youngsters taking turns beside artists chosen by the Santarcangelo festival creators. This is the first time Wash Up is at the Festival; it continues to mix talents: Eva Geatti, co-founder of Cosmesi, a Bologna theatre company, a versatile actress, visual artist and designer will take the stage beside Slander, one of the most inflammatory hard-core groups in Italy today, irrepressible mass rabble-rousers on the Venice hard-core punk scene, in a free-style encounter that will develop spontaneously on the day they get together.

free event
  • Piazza delle Monache

a cura di Enrico Giannini, Simone Silvestri, Sara Succi, Martina Raggini, Miriam Pichierri

ph. Anna Antonello