Marta Lucchini / Valentina Buldrini / Italy

Creative residency. ERRANTE episodio 1

July 1009.00 - 13.00 (workshop)
July 1106.30

ERRANTE explores the border between Rimini and Santarcangelo and the rejoining space in-between, from InCal System to the former Polveriera along the Marecchia River. It is a desire to inhabit the wilderness, to rediscover the dialogue between humans and nature and to stay within the body, within the environment, within the experience. It is an encounter and a sharing, a gently starting again, an artistic act, a place of good practices, creative gestures that take care of the environment by blending with it. The programme marks the passage of the seasons. Different artists will alternate in creative residencies. Each week-long residency will end by opening to the public, offering an opportunity to observe the creative act in progress and meet each other. During the week, there will be a workshop and morning walks dedicated to exploring the place and ourselves.


Residency opening hours to the public:
Sunday 11 July at 6.30am (max 25 participants)
booking required
project contribution 12€

Schedule of the workshop “Spontanee – installazioni botaniche” curated by Giovanna Tiraferri and lablab:
Saturday 10 July from 9am to 1pm (max 15 participants)
registrations by 9 July
workshop price 35€ (a small snack is included in the price)
info and registrations: / 339.3114793

Schedule of the photography workshop curated by Dorin Mihai (max 11 partecipanti):
Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July from 5 to 7pm
Saturday 10 July from 9 to 11am
Sunday 11 July from 6.30 to 8.30am
info and registration: / 328.3887347

Daily walk schedule:
from 5 to 9 July from 6.30 to 7.30am
meeting point at the entrance of InCal System via Savina
info: 349.5516508

Valentina Buldrini and Marta Lucchini have been studying and researching dance and somatic practices for over twenty years. They met in the early 2000s at the Accademia della Biennale di Venezia directed by Carolyn Carlson. Each of them then followed their own artistic research and found themselves again in Rimini, brought together by their interest in experiencing nature through research, creation, and transmission. They created the project “ERRANTE_sentieri dialoghi visioni” with the aim of inhabiting wilderness together with a community of artists and artisans, to compose a plurality of views and actions and to rethink our being in the world, reconnecting with living matter.

For more info and registration:


From 5 to 11 July
Artist in residence: Marta Lucchini
Installation by Rosa Lanzaro
Workshop "Spontaneous - botanical installations" curated by Giovanna Tiraferri / lablab
Photography workshop curated by Dorin Mihai
Walks led by Valentina Buldrini

From 27 September to 3 October
Artist in residence: Stefano Questorio
Workshop “Corpo Libero" curated by Isadora Angelini and Luca Serrani / Teatro Patalò
Photography workshop curated by Dorin Mihai
Walks led by Marta Lucchini

From 13 to 19 December
Artists in residence: Isadora Angelini and Luca Serrani / Teatro Patalò
Photography workshop by Dorin Mihai
Walks led by Valentina Buldrini / Marta Lucchini

ERRANTE è un progetto ideato e curato da Valentina Buldrini e Marta Lucchini / in collaborazione con Santarcangelo Festival e Comune di Rimini. Si ringrazia l'Associazione A Passo d’Uomo.