Mónica Calle and Casa Conveniente / Zona Não Vigiada / Portugal

Ensaio Para Uma Cartografia

July 822.30
July 921.30

How can you map a city, a country? How do you start? How do you go on? Mónica Calle tries to draw an alternative cartography, starting from Lisbon and moving to other areas of Portugal, tracing an individual and collective path, both artistic and personal. Ensaio para uma Cartografia is about vulnerability, resistance, courage and resilience. It originates from a project started by the artist in 2014, based on Bertold Brecht’s Seven Deadly Sins and Luís Mário Lopes’ A Boa Alma. The work then changed over time – also as a result of the relocation of the Casa Conveniente company to the suburbs of Lisbon – reaching an essential core of intense rigour, effort and emotion. Twelve actresses dance on the notes of Beethoven and Ravel’s Boléro, inspired by orchestra rehearsals of great directors and the movements of ballet. They are not professional dancers: without a specific formation and without clothes, their bodies and minds try to build a choreography. They pick up violas, violins and cellos to compose a symphony. They make mistakes, regain their focus and start again without losing hope or the will to succeed. The wait is part of the performance. Each show is a rehearsal, a chance of overcoming difficulties and boundaries, a new cycle in the construction of a path. A mark on the cartography that, step by step, is taking shape.

Mónica Calle is an actress and art director of Casa Conveniente in Lisbon, a project she created in 1992. Since then, she has worked on the texts of Dagerman, Fiama Paes Brandão, Peter Handke, Thomas Bernhard, Pirandello, Strindberg, Beckett, Tchekhov. She has been running workshops with both professional and amateur actors since 2007. In 2013, the company relocated to Zona J, in the neighbourhood of Chelas. This move marked a return to the original aim of working from and within the margins. During her career, Mónica Calle has performed worldwide, winning several awards and being internationally recognised as a representative of a generation that brought Portuguese theatre towards new directions.

  • Parco Baden Powell

Duration: 120 minutes.

Regia Mónica Calle / assistente alla regia José Miguel Vitorino / performer Sofia Vitória, Mónica Garnel, Mafalda Jara, Sílvia Barbeiro, Lucília Raimundo, Ana Água, Roxana Ionesco, Maria Inês Roque, Miu Lapin, Inês Vaz, Sofia Dinger, Carolina Varela and Mónica Calle / light designer José Álvaro Pereira / tecnico delle luci Renato Marinho / direttore del suono Vasco Gomes / fotografia Bruno Simão, Alípio Padilha / responsabile produzione Sérgio Azevedo / produzione Casa Conveniente - Zona Não Vigiada / co-produzione Teatro Nacional D. Maria II. Casa Conveniente - Zona Não Vigiada è finanziata da Direção - Geral das Artes - República Portuguesa – Cultura.

© Bruno Simão