Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld & Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc / Madrid, Spain

Dragon, rest your head on the seabed

July 0522.00
July 0621.30

Our trilogy of Festival editions can be narrated through three mythical creatures that have accompanied each year. After a merman in 2017 and a unicorn in 2018, this Festival is headlined by a sea dragon – a wise creature, moving underwater with slow and precise grace, and whose scaly back can be mistaken for a series of islands when they break the surface. As ancient aquatic creatures their presence brings a different kind of temporality, in which human concepts such as ‘contemporary’, ‘modernity’, ‘classical’ and ‘historical’ merge into an non-linear complexity. The patterns of the dragon’s scales, the infinite series of pieces that compose its body, can be understood as events, movements and narrations which, one after the other, form an endless geometry of desire.

“I do not have a gentle heart.”
Daenerys Targaryen

Dragon, rest your head on the seabed is a composition for six synchronized swimmers and a swimming-pool; merging dance, competitive sport and science fiction. The surface of the pool becomes the screen where the fiction will play out: a fantastic creature that is dismembered and joined together through liquid and formed by the multiple identities of the six swimmers, producing stunning visual effects. Usually at synchronized swimming competitions the judges deduct marks for not smiling, for having strands of hair out of place or for touching the bottom of the pool. In this disheveled dragon, similarity, difference, synchrony and asynchrony all coexist. It doesn’t always smile and not only does it touch the bottom of the pool, it also rests on it. The show is highly recommended to all of us who couldn’t stop watching synchronized swimming competitions as a kid, to science fiction fans, for anyone who needs a sense of wonder and people of all ages.

The show will take place in the olympic swimming pool of San Marino. You can chose to arrive on your own or with a bus from Santarcangelo.

10€ / 2€ kids under 12
duration 60' - all ages
Early Dragon: 6€ tickets on sale within June 16
6 tickets pass: 40€

July 5: shuttle from p.zza Ganganelli h. 20.30
July 6: shuttle from p.zza Ganganelli h. 20.00
shuttle ticket: 5€ / 2€ kids under 12

un progetto di Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld e Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc
con Andrea Fernández Botelho, Andrea Fuertes, Conchi Iruela, Esther Mora, Carolina Pino e Irene Toledano
prodotto da Veranos de la Villa, Madrid
con il supporto del Programma per l’Internazionalizzazione della Cultura Spagnola (PICE) di Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
con il sostegno degli Istituti Culturali della Repubblica di San Marino
in collaborazione con La Notte Rosa