non-scuola / Teatro delle Albe / Italy

Don Chisciotte

July 0421.15

Before we begin

Thank you thank you thank you! This is a shoutout to the almost 500 teens and kids who are part of Santarcangelo Festival’s community. Everybody who is performing, participating in workshops, co-curating the annual programme, translating, volunteering, partying, arguing, bringing their friends to see shows, suggesting their favorite bands. Wrecking havoc. Showing up at the office out of the blue asking what they can do to help.
The launch of the Festival is dedicated to all of you! These next two shows are a small window into the work that children and young people are doing with performance makers during the year.
The Festival starts in Sferisterio, reimagined as an urban stage and incorporating the local architecture as makeshift seating for the audience. Sferisterio will host a diverse community of artists who have reimagined their works specifically for this location.

For Don Quixote, who all believe has gone mad after reading so many novels, they tear apart and burn the books in his library, hoping that he will come to his senses: they do so because the words of writers and poets have the mysterious power to show what is unseen, images and impossible worlds that appear only in the mind. Starting with Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, the non-school has worked with a group of young people between the ages of 11 and 13, through literary suggestions, dialogues, images and improvisation, in search of a mysterious knight who fights for good against evil: some say they has seen it, but no one has ever managed to speak about it. Maybe, then, he doesn’t exist… maybe, one evening, they simply read the story between the torn pages of an old book.

  • Sferisterio
    via Faini

duration 45'
full price 6€
performance in Italian
for every age

liberamente tratto da Don Chisciotte di Miguel de Cervantes
dedicato al poeta Gianni Fucci
guide Michele Bandini, Anna Lisa Magnani
insegnante assistente Damiano Folli
progetto realizzato da non-scuola del Teatro delle Albe / Scuola Media Franchini di Santarcangelo / ZoeTeatro
in collaborazione con Associazione Zoe e compagnia ZoeTeatro
con il sostegno del Comune di Santarcangelo e Santarcangelo Festival
con Cristian Agostini, Emanuele Bartolini, Giovanni Bauleo, Magda Bernardini, Daniel Bianchi, Omar Bianchi, Martina Bruno, Angelica Buzzone, Lucia Campo, Olivia Cecchinato, Vittoria Crosara, Leonardo Curci, Gioele Deluca, Chiara Donati, Luisa Fabbri, Giacomo Gabrielli, Marta Galli, Gian Marco Gori, Chiara Lombardi, Maksim Magnelli, Alice Mariotti, Alice Mondaini, Giulia Montemaggi, Lucia Moretti, Luca Moretti, Nicole Moro, Chiara Paci, Jacopo Pianelli, Elisabetta Pozzi, Alice Protti, Giorgia Raggini, Samuele Roman, Diego Rossi, Martina Santinato, Camilla Savini, Giada Sgariglia, Antonio Tosato, Samuele Karol Vitale, Gloria Zaghini, Veronica Zaghini, Martina Zangoli