Palm Wine / Milan, Italy

DJ-Set, Imbosco

July 1223.59

A project by Simone Bertuzzi, the DJ of warm and border-crossing tunes, launched in the blog format in 2009: an opening to sounds and imagination of a post-global world.

Imbosco is the late night program of Santarcangelo Festival, a circus tent lost among the trees, only a short walk from Park Cappuccini along the river Uso. It is the place to rise when the night falls. Once the performances are over and the day program is finished a nocturnal Santarcangelo begins; a slow and sensuous time full of music, dance and joy. Italian and international DJs playing every night, from midnight, to recharge the batteries of the Festival audience.

free event
  • Imbosco
    via Costa - Parco Baden Powell