POCHE Cltv / Italy

DJ-Set, Imbosco

July 1600.00

POCHE Cltv is an open collective of Italian music producers – conceived by ELASI and PLASTICA – at the console in Imbosco, but open to anyone who wants to share, be curious, collaborate, and build a scene that does not yet exist in this country.

After two years, Imbosco returns: Santarcangelo Festival’s late-night programme, a circus tent hidden among the trees, a short walk from the Parco Cappuccini, along the river Uso. It is the place to rise when the night falls. Once the performances are over and the day programme ends, a new moment begins, a time full of music, dance and joy. Italian and international DJs play every night from midnight to energise the Festival audience.

Free entrance
  • Imbosco
    via Costa - Parco Baden Powell