Rita Mazza / Italy

Dandelion II

July 1619.00
July 1718.00

Sign language is a natural and poetic language still unknown to many people. Inspired by Dandelion, a poem in American Sign Language by Clayton Valli, Rita Mazza explores the combination of dance and the typical movements of sign language, using the stage as a playground and creating a new form of visual poetry. The performer combines the rules of sign language – handshapes, facial expression and daily gestures – with Visual Vernacular, ballet, and Laban’s studies on movement. Visual Vernacular is an art form in the deaf community that allows the artist to represent, through gestures and expressions, the different characters and actions of a scene as if seen from different camera angles, and the viewers seem to be watching the narration just as if they were in front of a screen. Through this combination of styles and languages, Rita Mazza reminds the public of the beauty of sign language and its unique role.

Rita Mazza is a choreographer, performer and actress. She was born and raised in Turin, Italy, and identifies as deaf/queer and native signer. She is also a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). Her first language is Italian Sign Language (LIS), and in addition to written Italian, she knows other sign and written languages. Her main roles include Sarah in Mark Medoff’s Figli di un Dio Minore produced by Artisti Associati and Officine del Teatro Italiano OTI. After many experiences in Europe, she settled in Berlin and started creating visual sign performances as an independent artist. She was the artistic director of Milan’s Festival Del Silenzio (which was awarded the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic), an international performing arts festival that invites people to learn about art and performance without the aid of spoken or signed language.

  • Teatrino della Collegiata
    piazza Balacchi, 7

Duration: 40 minutes.

Ideazione, coreografia, performance Rita Mazza / luci Raquel Rosildete / una produzione Rita Mazza / co-produzione Making a Difference: SOPHIENSÆLE, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Uferstudios, tanzfähig, Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin, TanzZeit, Diversity.Arts.Culture e Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin / con il supporto di TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund / Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media / Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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