Let's Revolution! / Teatro Patalò Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy

DAIMON. Scenderemo dalle colline con la testa cinta di edera

Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy

Facing each other, who will tell their secret first?
We’re leaving now!
A blinding light / there are no shadows
I burn
What will we do once we reach the city?
We will dance our hearts bare

The soul of each of us is given a unique daimon before we are born, and it has selected an image or pattern that we live on earth. This soul companion, the daimon, guides us here; in the process of arrival, however, we forget all that took place and believe we come empty into this world. The daimon remembers what is in your image and belongs to your pattern, and therefore your daimon is the carrier of your destiny. — James Hillmann, “The Soul’s Code”

The Bacchae is one of the most beautiful and mysterious texts of dramaturgy, the last work Euripides left us. The myth of Dionysus opens up dizzying questions about a time that replaced the rhythms of nature with the order of reason. The Bacchae themselves seem to be bearers of a differently-paced life, which could be traced back to a pre-classical and matriarchal era, recently revived by anthropological and archaeological studies. At the beginning of the tragedy, Dionysus arrives in Thebes, a city where women are confined to the loom and spindle, and the government is in the hands of Pentheus, who believes himself wise, does not listen to Tiresias (the soothsayer) and does not even acknowledge the god himself.


Let’s Revolution! is an artistic project of Teatro Patalò dedicated to teenagers: a sharing space for scenic techniques and human discoveries. The workshop – curated by Isadora Angelini and Luca Serrani – approaches acting through creative processes, physical and vocal training, resulting in a fully-fledged theatrical production. The project started in 2015 as part of Santarcangelo Festival’s annual programme dedicated to the city, and since then, over 120 boys and girls have taken part in it. Since 2017, the final performance has been presented as part of Santarcangelo Festival’s programme and at other Italian events.


Accessibility: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

piazza Marconi, 1



con Giovanni Bauleo, Magda Bernardini, Gianluca Bertozzi, Emanuele Casadei, Diletta Casali, Giacomo Gabrielli, Irene Giordano, Elsa Lita Scarpa, Francesco Mami, Giada Nicolini, Elisabetta Pozzi, Andrea Santoni, Camilla Savini, Giada Sgariglia
una creazione di Isadora Angelini e Luca Serrani
tecnica Simone Griffi
si ringrazia Francesco Pennacchia
coproduzione Teatro Patalò - Santarcangelo Festival
esito del laboratorio per adolescenti Let’s Revolution!
un progetto di Teatro Patalò
con il sostegno di Santarcangelo Festival
con il contributo dell’Amministrazione Comunale di Santarcangelo di Romagna

spettacolo offerto da Tenuta Sant'Aquilina

© Dorin Mihai