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Cosmesi fa un roof concert

July 1421.30

After Cosmesi fa un disco and Cosmesi fa un live, in Santarcangelo Cosmesi fa un roof concert (Cosmesi does a roof concert), a concert on the terrace of the Franchini centre for the elderly.
The project is an experiment by Eva Geatti, Nicola Toffolini and Marcello Batelli in the musical form. They made a record of eight pop songs, entirely played, written and sung by two visual artists and performers who have never played an instrument. To make everything real, the vinyl is distributed by an actual record label. The live performance is the attempt to see through all the pieces from the record and feeds on the difficulty of not knowing how to play their own pieces: it is the inconsistency of the “concert situation”, the exhibition of shyness and all the stumbling blocks of the performers, it is the holes of silence in the passages between one piece and another. The whole project is thus charged with a blurriness, a disguise. An impossible mix: the superimposition of two worlds, to find oneself holding up the part of the impostor and ignoring the limit, to pretend.

duration 45'
full price 6€

di Eva Geatti, Nicola Toffolini e Marcello Batelli
musica e testi Eva Geatti e Nicola Toffolini
registrazioni e produzione audio Marcello Batelli
grafiche Alberto Merlin
luci Sarah Chiarcos
organizzazione Debora Ercoli
strumenti in prestito
produzione Cosmesi 2018
in collaborazione con Centrale Fies
con il supporto di Santarcangelo Festival, Casa Ragno Favero - Padova, Elastico fa/ART - Bologna
pubblicato da Sangue Discken
il vinile di Cosmesi è stampato su richiesta da Vinilificio (