Kathryn Joseph / Glasgow, United Kingdom


July 0522.30

“Tell my lover it’s not over until we drown.”
Kathryn Joseph

“Whilst this magical creature seems borne of the ether, the music she makes is firmly rooted in blood and bone.
It’s a document of love, that charts its living and breathing, death and resurrection. What it feels like to have. How it feels when it leaves. What it makes, and what it takes. And it’s gut-wrenchingly honest on the price it makes us pay.
There’s a new sensuality – lyrics littered with tongues licking clean, desire felt down to the marrow – ‘in my mouth, in my mind, in my back and my spine’. And there’s musical muscularity too, leant through the rolling piano that courses like blood, spiked with electronics. Joseph’s a shapeshifter, moving like waves. She’s broken the curse, she’s woven a spell – and the self-described ‘luckiest little Scottish witch in the world’ is safe to cackle back off into the night, having created possibly the best album we’ll hear all year.”
Marianne Gallagher, Clash Music

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  • Piazza delle Monache