?Alos Ritual "The chaos Awakening" + R.Y.F. / Ravenna, Italy


July 1322.30

For the third year running, Francesca Morello and Stefania Pedretti are curating the Festival’s musical programme, in constant dialogue with the artistic programme and in close continuity with the contents, languages and expressive forms that have been the main theme over the last three years. Musicians and performers, Francesca and Stefania interpret the queer themes from two different perspectives: R.Y.F., acronym for Restless Yellow Flowers, the name Francesca Morello uses when she plays, with an intimate and personal approach, texts that contain memories and stories of life and love; ?Alos, Stefania Pedretti, the voice and strings of the monolithic OvO, through the ritualistic form, expressed in a search for the mystical, magical, shamanic and pagan side of music and the voice. We asked both of them to share their work with the Festival audience, in an evening that will see them as protagonists with a double live performance. 
Beginning with her own experience, R.Y.F. seeks to give voice to diversity, to the queer community, to non-binary people, to women, to their strength and beauty; her project was created from a band, then cut down to the bone: guitar and voice, a singular person with an intense and fragile voice. With the Ritual The Chaos Awakening, ?Alos creates a ritual to reawaken the chaos that surrounds us and that is deep within each of us. The live performance is an experience that transports the audience to another time and place, an emotional journey of sound: what will happen is yet to be discovered.

free event
  • Piazza delle Monache