OvO / R.Y.F. / Italy


July 1822.00

A contagious Miasma coming from the most remote swamps circulates among towns and villages: it could be an alien disease, or it could stem from a deeper fear. Freaks, queers and outsiders will be the first to recognise it and fight it. In their ninth album, released in February 2020, revolutionary duo OvO tries to show how science fiction and reality are contiguous in our contemporary world. Bruno Dorella and Stefania Pedretti (?Alos) take a step back, going towards their punk/hardcore roots, keeping their organic and noisy electronics intact, as well as the radical contamination between tribalism and futurism, adding a significant amount of chaos.

R.Y.F., a.k.a. Francesca Morello, announces her new album Everything Burns, set to be released on 10 September with Bronson Recordings. It is the artist’s first venture into electronic music and a tribute to a period of explosive creativity and inspiration: with the pandemic that imposed a forced break for musicians, Francesca found herself working less with the guitar and more with synthesisers and drum machines, learning to appreciate them. Cassandra, whose video features Silvia Calderoni, was originally written for Motus’ show Tutto Brucia. A dancefloor track that evokes new wave and post-punk influences, moving between dark and dance territories.

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