Amanda Piña / Mexico / Chile / Austria

Climatic Dances

July 922.30
July 1022.30

These so-called “traditional” dances stand as creative social devices to visualize and intervene in socio-environmental relations, stressing the interdependence between all life forms in this mountainous region.
Alessandro Questa

Climatic Dances is the fifth volume of Endangered Human Movements, a long-term project on the loss of cultural and biological diversity led by choreographer Amanda Piña. The performance is inspired by the work of Mexican anthropologist Alessandro Questa on two traditional dances performed by indigenous Masewal people. It explores the way the notions related to the earth have been changing throughout time. These two dances, Tipekajomeh and Wewentiyo, represent the beginning of a journey deep into the mountains towards the re-enchantment of what modern colonial science calls geology. The mountainous landscape of the central Andes in Chile, an area now destroyed by extractive activities, becomes a place from where to share grief and fury, to mourn and stand up.

Amanda Piña is a Mexican-Chilean-Austrian artist living between Vienna and Mexico City. Her work focuses on decolonising art and its political and social power. Her works are contemporary rituals that dismantle the boundaries between modernity and tradition, the human, the animal and the vegetal, nature and culture. Her pieces have been presented at renowned art institutions such as Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain in Paris, MUMOK Museum of Modern Art, TQW and ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna and Royal Festival Hall London.

Climatic Dances is an honest and vulnerable performance, but also uncomfortable and demanding. The movements are slow and fluid, making the viewer conscious and aware, drawing attention to the relationship between people and the earth. It is not entertaining. It does not have to be. It is an offering to the mountain.
Julia Alegre Troebel, artistic director of Klimaatfestival

  • Parco Baden Powell

Duration: 90 minutes.

direzione artistica Amanda Piña / coreografía Amanda Piña e Juan Carlos Palma / live performance Amanda Piña, Cristina Sandino, Vanessa Medina / musica Christian Müller / design, luci e scenografie Michel Jimenez / costumi Julia Trybula / feedback drammaturgico Daniel Zimmermann / video mapping Xavier Gibert Mateu / ricerca teorica Alessandro Questa, Amanda Piña, Juan Carlos Palma / ricerca pratica Cristina Sandino, Juan Carlos Palma, Amanda Piña / produzione nadaproductions / distribuzione internazionale Something Great / consulenza Marie-Christine Baratta-Dragono / organizzazione Angela Vadori (SMart) / una coproduzione Tanzquartier Wien, deSingel, Tanzhaus NRW / © nadaproductions.

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