Catol Teixeira Porto Alegre/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Clashes Licking

Porto Alegre/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
07 July 11:00 pm
08 July 11:00 pm
09 July 10:30 pm
07 July 11:00 pm
08 July 11:00 pm
09 July 10:30 pm

Catol Teixeira returns to Santarcangelo with a choreography inspired by a 1920s work, Nijinsky’s Afternoon of a Faun: an original interpretation, which, at that time, was opposed and judged as scandalous. By blending formal techniques, movement repetitions, sounds and poetry, the artist offers their body to the audience in an intimate, elaborate dance that clashes with different dance references. Catol Teixeira dialogues with sounds, with the opaque transparency of their costume and the white fluorescent lights that draw the boundaries of the space they move in. Playing with plasticity and glitching Teixeira’s movement techniques, the work draws attention towards the notion of prosthesis through the things used during the performance, readings of genders, cultural references, language and imagination. The figure of the faun exists here as a queer ghost to dance with, inviting others to inhabit the space for a dance to remembrance and forgetfulness. “Clashes Licking” is a dance that tenderly exposes a gesture of transmutation as a secret whispered in a dream.


Catol Teixeira is a performer and choreographer born in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in 1993. They worked in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salzburg and Berlin. They currently live in Geneva, Switzerland. After a ballet education, followed by training in aerial circus techniques, they graduated in contemporary dance from La Manufacture in Lausanne. In 2017, they were part of ROAR in Berlin, as in Bodhi Project at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. In 2018, back in Rio de Janeiro, they started working on independent and interdisciplinary projects, and since 2021 they have been working and touring in Europe. Their choreographic interest is oriented towards collaborative processes between people and practices, imaginary worlds and differences. Catol Teixeira uses dance as a tool to unlearn, and to celebrate, to cry, to laugh, to remember the perpetual transition.


Accessibility: accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

piazza Ganganelli, 25 - entrata da Via Mazzini, Santarcangelo



di e con Catol Teixeira
suoni Sandar Tun Tun
costumi Auguste de Boursetty
luci Alessandra Domingues
sguardo esterno Dominique Gilliot
supporto sviluppo concettuale Fabian Barba
produzione e amministrazione Rabea Grand
coproduzione Theatre de l'Usine & Emergentia - temps fort pour la création chorégraphique émergente réalisé par L’Abri, le TU et l’ADC Genève
con il supporto di Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande

progetto realizzato con il supporto di Fondazione svizzera per la cultura Pro Helvetia

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