Camilla Montesi Fabriano, Italy


Fabriano, Italy
February 11, 2022 7.00 pm
Free entrance
Free entrance
February 11, 2022 7.00 pm

Camilla Montesi is the first artist to take part in KRAKK, the annual residency project at the Lavatoio Theater in Santarcangelo. She will present to the public in an open rehearsal her research on Caronte, a solo dance around the concepts of fear and panic. Caronte is a guide towards the knowledge of body and mind: thanks to Michele Uccheddu’s musics, this work wants to reveal what it was buried and to lighten an intimate suffering.


Camilla Montesi studied at the Cosi-Stefanesu Classical Ballet in Reggio Emilia and at the Agora Coaching Project. She worked as a dancer at the Gartnerplatz Theater in Munich, also for Michele Merola, Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Alessio Maria Romano. Meanwhile, she develops her own choreographic research, that leads her to found être Collettivo in 2021. Camilla’s language is constantly in progress. She feeds on passions such as cinema and literature: a research that aspires to the natural flexion of the body, to its dynamism and its expression.


Accessibility: venue accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. Facilitated access from side entrance through via A. Costa.

via Ruggeri, 16



ideazione e interpretazione Camilla Montesi
musiche Michele Uccheddu