Camilla Montesi / Italy


July 1321.30 and 23.00
July 1419.30 and 22.00

Caronte is a solo based on the mythological figure from which it takes its title. It is a performance that encompasses a name, a journey and a desire. Caronte, the enlightened ferocity, is the name given to the sudden manifestation of unease and intense fear, commonly referred to as a panic attack. Dante’s enlightened ferocity makes an invisible journey through the intimate waters in which the performer’s body moves, crossing the darkness of the mind, which ferries itself towards a way out. This journey has no ambition of evolution: it simply narrates the birth of actions and emotions from within. Caronte, a seemingly destructive force, guides himself to knowledge. What happens to our body when the mind resists? What happens when we leave without carefully packing our bags? The destination of this journey is the desire to bring to the surface and lighten an intimate suffering.

Camilla Montesi is a dancer and performer. She studied ballet at the Associazione Balletto Classico Cosi Stefanescu in Reggio Emilia and took part in the Agora Coaching Project directed by Michele Merola. She worked with Compagnia Zappalà Danza, DNA – Elisa Pagani, Compagnia della Quarta, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Davide Sportelli, Diego Tortelli, Alessio Maria Romano, Gartnerplatz Theater in Munich, and Korzo Theatre in The Hague. She also simultaneously developed her own creative path, and in 2021 she founded Etre Collettivo. Her artistic language is constantly evolving, driven by passions such as cinema and literature, fuelling a search for the natural flexion of the body, its dynamism and expression.

  • Teatrino della Collegiata
    piazza Balacchi, 7

Duration: 25 minutes.

Di e con Camilla Montesi / musica di Michele Uccheddu / assistente Lucia Gerini / co-produzione Santarcangelo Festival.

© Pietro Bucciarelli