Cristina Kristal Rizzo & Enrico Malatesta / Italy

BOGA (Elementary pieces for the temple’s fire)

July 820.00

BOGA (elementary pieces for the temple’s fire) is a performance based on the revisitation of a series of pyric and traditional ceremonial devices that employ bamboo and the Meriam Buluh, a bamboo cannon widely unknown to Western audiences that generates an explosive sound. Used in several popular and religious celebrations, it became widespread in the 90s as a handmade illegal toy in the rural areas of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The performance presents a modified version of this instrument, using ephemeral pyrotechnics to generate sounds and lights, creating an urban celebrative ritual in relation to the actions of the two performers involved, the percussionist Enrico Malatesta and the dancemaker Cristina Kristal Rizzo.

Cristina Kristal Rizzo has been active in the Italian contemporary dance scene since the early 90s. She is among the founders of Kinkaleri, and in 2008 she embarked on a personal journey of choreographic production. She collaborated with Italian and international institutions, such as Teatro del Maggio Musical Fiorentino, LAC Lugano, MACRO Roma, MUSEION Bolzano. Her most recent work, TOCCARE the White Dance, was awarded the Premio Danza&Danza for Best Italian Production 2020.

Enrico Malatesta is a percussionist and sound researcher active in experimental music, sound intervention and performance. His practice explores the relationships between sound, space and movement and the vitality of materials, paying particular attention to surfaces, listening experiences and the ability to produce multiple information through a sustainable approach to percussive instruments.

Free entrance
  • Piazza Ganganelli

Duration: 40 minutes.

Tickets can’t be booked. Entrance passes available at the Box Office (Piazza Ganganelli) on the same day of the event from 5pm.

ideazione Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Enrico Malatesta / coreografia e danza Cristina Kristal Rizzo / suono e luce Enrico Malatesta / costumi Canedicoda / Creative Producer Silvia Albanese / produzione TIR Danza / coproduzione Santarcangelo Festival / con il sostegno di IntercettAzioni - Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia / un progetto di Circuito CLAPS e Teatro delle Moire, Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Zona K / © Cristina Kristal Rizzo.