Alessandro Berti / Bologna, Italy

Black Dick

July 179.30 pm
July 189.30 pm

If I were you, I would study, and I would not make another Harlem, I would not do as we have done.
James Baldwin

What links the image of a militant Black Panther from the 60s, a Harlem rapper from the 90s and an African-American porn star in 2020? Black Dick retraces the history of the use of the black male body by white American society, from the colonies to sporting triumphs, from slavery to lynchings, from music to pornography. Veering between lecture, confession, stand-up comedy, sarcastic narration and concert, the play deconstructs the black male stereotype and, with the help of great masters such as bell hooks, Cornel West and James Baldwin, moves into a reflection on the concept of cultural appropriation and the need for a collective struggle for equality.

Alessandro Berti is an actor, director and playwright. Founder of L’Impasto Comunità Teatrale in the mid-90s, he has been working alone for fifteen years on a personal mix of writing and interpretation. After Black Dick, the Bugie Bianche (White Lies) trilogy also includes Negri senza Memoria (Blacks without Memory), which debuted in February 2020, and the unreleased Black Peril. For information, visit

And the rhythm drags us, placid, lulling, like a truth whispered under one’s breath, with art that performs to hide itself and to leave us alone in front of our responsibility. A voice of those that cannot be prevented from disturbing us. Simply.
Massimo Marino – Doppiozero

full price 10 € / under 26 8 €


duration 65'

we warmly recommend you arrive at the performance venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the show (the venue will open 1 hour before the performance starts)

di e con Alessandro Berti / cura Gaia Raffiotta / immagini Daniela Neri / produzione Casavuota / con il sostegno di Gender Bender Festival e l’aiuto di Teatro Comunale Laura Betti – Barfly il teatro fuori luogo – Opera Prima Festival - Ogni casa è un teatro
foto Daniela Neri