Pankaj Tiwari / India


14 - 18 Julyperformance from 6.30 to 9pm

Banyan is a tree whose roots go really deep into the ground. Its seeds wander and sometimes end up inside old buildings, where they grow so strong that they can break the structure. As a metaphorical Banyan, Pankaj Tiwari uses a tent that keeps transforming and reshaping its image. This project is a playful encounter with and at Santarcangelo. It is a space for imagining, thinking and responding to the current times, creating a temporary togetherness rooted in community building through sharing and listening. It is a space for local residents and artists to address the need for belonging in Western societies. It will also foster slowness, solidarity and a sense of community through informal meetings, moments of rest, readings, events and food, turning the city hosting the festival into a muse.

Pankaj Tiwari is an artist and curator born in Balrampur (India) and based in Amsterdam. He is currently working as a co-author for Zürich Gessnerallee (Switzerland). Pankaj is also the artistic director of international festivals and theatre collectives. In his work, he uses theatre, food and agriculture as a medium for community building.

Free entrance
  • Colle Giove
    via Cappuccini

Tickets can’t be booked. Entrance passes available at the Box Office (Piazza Ganganelli) on the same day of the event from 5pm.

Directions: skirt the How To Be Together camp to the Parco dei Cappuccini.

un progetto di Pankaj Tiwari / in collaborazione con Dimitri Van den Witterboer, Tom Oliver, Sarah Naqvi / © Thomas Lenden.