Lenio Kaklea/abd / France / Greece


July 1722.30
July 1822.30

Ballad is the third chapter of Practical Encyclopaedia, a multidisciplinary project started in 2016. During four years, the artist explored the streets and urban pathways of several European cities, gathering hundreds of stories and a multitude of rituals and shared practices. In this lecture demonstration, Lenio Kaklea regards our gestures as a moving landscape enabling emancipation. Through a simultaneously autobiographical and collective narrative, the choreographer retraces dance repertoires from different styles and eras, addressing her own dance education, highlighting contradictions present in our society today, and questioning stereotypes.

Lenio Kaklea is a dancer, choreographer and writer born in Athens and based in Paris. Her work merges dance, text and video, exploring the production of subjectivity through movements and revealing the intimate and marginal spaces within which we construct our identity. Her work has been presented by different institutions and festivals such as the Centre Pompidou, ImPulsTanz Festival, CN D Pantin, Lafayette Anticipations, Onassis Foundation and Triennale Milano.

  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

Duration: 55 minutes.

The performance includes nude scenes.

di e con Lenio Kaklea / testo in collaborazione con Lou Forster / consulenza esterna e concessione materiali di Martha Graham, Jacquelyn Elder / consulenza esterna e vocal training Dalila Khatir / concessione materiali di François Malkovsky, Suzanne Bodak / suono e direzione tecnica Eric Yvelin / luci Florian Leduc / musica originale per Acts of Light, Carl Nielsen / musica originale per The Little Shepherd, Claude Debussy / produzione abd / coproduzione Triennale Milano / © Gianluca Di Ioia.