Anubi III

July 188.30 pm, 11 pm

Concert for roaring engines poised between the lowest and highest revs.

Anubi III is a prepared place, with its own rules and its own language. It is a meeting of young motorcyclists who are setting off towards adventure, but for their action to be effective they will have to be able to tame the energy they are messengers of. The motorbikes, rigged with microphones as if they were singers, will be amplified, and the sound of the engines – idling, accelerating, in chorus or alone – will be recorded and played within a musical form. The scene is a movie set where, by repeating the moment of ignition, the action of each biker will be magnified and descend into an allegory of departure.

ZAPRUDER is the collective name that marks the audio-visual productions and happenings conceived and directed by David Zamagni and Nadia Ranocchi. Their practice spans across film sets, performance, acoustics and sculpture, in the direction of a total experience. In 2000, together with Monaldo Moretti, they founded Zapruder filmmakersgroup, a collective of audio-visual research working on the sets and post-production of ZAPRUDER’S films.

full price 5€
  • Area Campana
    strada Provinciale 14, 47

duration 40’

the show will take place in drive-in mode: the public will be able to access the place only/ exclusively by car

for people who don't live together the maximum number of people in the car is 4

the price of the ticket is 5 € per person

the tickets are not reservable and can be purchased at the box-office in Piazza Ganganelli

it is requested to arrive 20 minutes before the start of the performance

by attending the performance you accept to take part in the film set of ZAPRUDER's crew

con Eleonora Amadori, Davide Biava Martinetto, Matteo Bologna, Andrea Cacciola, Paola Franco, Francesco Pio Mangini, Sara Manzaroli, Marco Marinelli, Francesco Prioli, Andrea Ricci, Alessandro Righetti, Marco Rigoni, Damiano Saccani / live sound Francesco Fuzz Brasini e Mattia Dallara / luci Monaldo Moretti / regia Nadia Ranocchi e David Zamagni / produzione Santarcangelo Festival / un set di ZAPRUDER

project supported by the Italian Council (8th Edition, 2020) program to promote Italian contem- porary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism