Elena Giannotti / Livorno, Italy

Andamento unico

July 1119.30, Scuola Pascucci
July 1219.00, Scuola Pascucci
July 1320.30, Parco Francolini (free entrance)

Here is an attempt at introduction – partial and reductive. Elena Giannotti is a discreet and precious figure in the Italian art scene, choreographer, dancer, expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tuina practitioner who directs a dance festival in Livorno. But she is also much more, and you are invited to discover it for yourself. The artist and healer presents at Santarcangelo a solo for very young dancer and will lead some practices of Qi Gong early in the morning.

The project drew inspiration by the painting La Visione di Sant’Agostino by Vittore Carpaccio. The solo, choreographed and originally performed by Elena Giannotti, explores the relationship between the performer and the ethereal elements of the performance, what is grasped by the vision and transmission from eye to eye. Following on, Elena passes the baton to the young dancer Mia D’Ambra, creating a new score that reflects the feeling of this exceptional 13-year-old performer, without betraying its meaning. The young dancer thus finds herself at the centre of a choreographic skein where layers of structure become ghosts. The movements, intricate and minimalist, are performed with precision and forgetfulness. The result is an intimate and powerful choreographic sculpture.

  • Parco Francolini
    via Costa - via Montevecchi

  • Scuola Elementare Pascucci
    piazza Ganganelli, 25 - access from Via Mazzini

duration 20'
full price 6€
July 13, Parco Francolini: free entrance

già Lo Sguardo del Cane, 2012
progetto realizzato con il supporto di Company Blu, CSC- Bassano del Grappa, Dance Ireland

Andamento Unico è una produzione Company Blu
con il supporto di Atelier delle Arti e Racconti di Altre Danze Festival