Asinitas Onlus / Italy

ABITARE IL RITORNO – Echi e visioni di donne uomini e oggetti

July 1618.00

Stories are not concerned with clarity and distinction.
Stories are the territory of confusion, ambiguity,
multiplicity and disorder,
they are the territory of how things actually are.

Memory, origins, roots, paper and the question where do I come from? are at the core of the work that Fabiana Iacozzilli carried out with the workshop participants. The answers are many: I come from a name, a house, another person, a grandmother, a mother or a father, a spinning top, a photograph, a ghost, a family dinner, a giant, a song of the night. The scenic language conveying the artistic matter is puppetry: the work speaks through objects and puppets made by the performers themselves using paper, cardboard and their own answers; because you have to let the hands do the work in the search for self-expression.

Asinitas is involved in education, care and creating occasions of encounter with migrants and refugees. In 2021, director and playwright Fabiana Iacozzilli, with the collaboration of performer, singer and puppeteer Antonia D’Amore, has been guiding a diverse group of people, made up of different backgrounds, languages, cultures, ages and artistic experiences, in a five-month workshop, of which the show is the final outcome.

The performances Element-Z , V.VISITORS and the workshop outcome ABITARE IL RITORNO are part of the INCROCI project, created by Teatro Magro in Mantua in partnership with Asinitas Onlus in Rome and Progetto Amunì/Babel Crew in Palermo, with the support of Fondazione Alta Mane Italia. The project includes creating activities for the development and exchange of experiences and abilities linked to the artistic experience and aimed at the work placement and social integration of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Free entrance
  • Supercinema
    piazza Marconi, 1

Duration: 45 minutes.

Tickets can’t be booked. Entrance passes available at the Box Office (Piazza Ganganelli) on the same day of the event from 5pm.

esito di laboratorio a cura di Fabiana Iacozzilli / collaborazione artistica Asinitas APS, Antonia D’amore, Luca Lòtano/ con Anna Capuani, Chiara Cecchini, Maurizia Di Stefano, Yasmila Gboullou, Happy Ikuesan, Ilaria Iuozzo, Ali Jubran, Zara Kian, Coeurcia Ayissou Laini, Mimie Asumani Laini, Piero Lanzellotti, Federica Mezza, Aloyce Paiyana, Jack Spittle, Rasheed Sule, Mahamadou Kara Traore, Nour Zarafi / vocal trainer e puppets maker Antonia D’amore / disegno luci Francesca Zerilli / musiche e suoni Matteo Portelli / tutor Luca Lòtano, Federica Mezza, Giorgio Sena / organizzazione Cecilia Bartoli / produzione Asinitas e Alta Mane Italia. Lo spettacolo è inserito nel progetto INCROCI - pratiche di scambio e confronto tra Teatro Magro, Progetto Amunì/Babel e Asinitas. Con il sostegno di Fondazione Alta Mane Italia e di SCENA UNITA, Fondazione Cesvi La Musica che Gira e Music Innovation Hub.

Testi a cura de* partecipant* al laboratorio e testi tratti da: “Gemma” di Giovanni De Merulis; “Una vita che non si sa” di Luca Lòtano e Aloyce Paijana”. I puppets sono ispirati ai puppets realizzati da Gyre & Gimble.