Together Apart /


July 174 pm - 6 pm

With Daniel Blanga Gubbay – Kunstenfestivaldesarts, El Conde de Torrefiel, Julian Hetzel, Sodja Lotker
– Academy of Performing Arts of Prague, curated by Chiara Organtini – Santarcangelo Festival, coordinated by Silvia Bottiroli – DAS Theatre

Together apart: how to redefine the condition of being together in the post-Covid phase? After months of isolation, intimacy has become digital and the social fabric is almost at risk of becoming atomised. What does it mean today to find each other again and be together at a distance? How can we rethink the boundary of our bodies beyond touch, combining distance and proximity in physical space? How can we rethink national boundaries through virtual travel, connecting distances by straddling the physical and the digital? In conversation with Sodja Lotker, Julian Hetzel, El Conde de Torrefiel and Daniel Blanga Gubbay, we ask ourselves how the collective performs today and about the power of artistic and performative interventions as a redefinition of the social fabric in a hyper-regulated dimension.

free event
  • Il Cortile di Camilla
    Via Federico Montevecchi, 7

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