Transfert per Kamera /

Theatre, cinema, television – Talk

July 193 pm - 6 pm

with the curators Matteo Marelli and Luca Mosso – Filmmaker festival
with Cristina Piccino – Il Manifesto, Roberto Turigliatto e Fulvio Baglivi – Fuori orario. Cose (mai) viste, Simone Bruscia – Riccione Teatro / Riccione TTV Festival
and the directors
Chiara Caterina, Maria Giovanna Cicciari, Riccardo Giacconi, Enrico Maisto, Leandro Picarella
Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò – Motus, Artistic Direction Santarcangelo Festival
Luigi De Angelis – Fanny & Alexander
Nadia Ranocchi e David Zamagni – ZAPRUDER
Oliviero Ponte di Pino – ateatro

in collaboration with Filmmaker festival, Rai 3 / Fuori orario, Associazione Culturale Ateatro

Transfert means to take beyond, from one place to another, and Filmmaker, which curates a project of mutual crossings between theatre and cinema for Santarcangelo, calls various artists, scholars, and critics to reason together on the results but, above all, on the sense of experience. For those whom, like Filmmaker [ADD Motus and Santarcangelo?], are accustomed to working at the limits without caring too much about disciplinary statutes, the objective is to suggest a journey, by triggering a research with an uncertain outcome, therefore worthy of pursuing. It would be enough to identify “the possibility of an island” where the worlds that have entered the collision of festivals (theatre, cinema, TV) find a chemistry capable of transforming, at least for a moment, our way of thinking, seeing, and living things.

free event
  • Il Cortile di Camilla
    Via Federico Montevecchi, 7

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