Come stiamo? /


July 164 pm - 6 pm

a meeting about artistic work / sexism / vulnerability / political ecologies / income 

led by Il Campo Innocente

Start again, but on what terms? A panel of [transfeminist] imagination to understand what is happening in the post-pandemic era to artists, technicians, creators of live art. To ask ourselves how we’re going to initiate a self-investigation, to make visible what is unseen, to act so as not to be held ransom. How many times have you had to accept situations and working conditions that made you feel unhappy and powerless? Without income, without protection, and without a redistribution of resources, we will be more and more exposed. Let’s practise saying NO – not to say it by ourselves, but in a joyful and affirmative manner. So that other institutions, other practices, other systems of relationships, other ways of treating different bodies and subjects shall be born.


free event
  • Il Cortile di Camilla
    Via Federico Montevecchi, 7

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